&SHUFL offers kitchen, wardrobe, and bathroom solutions, designed and produced in Denmark.

1. Danish carpentry craftsmanship

&SHUFL is Danish carpentry craftsmanship tailored to IKEA interior design. We help you upgrade your IKEA installations with new drawer fronts, cabinet doors, and countertops in attractive colours and materials. &SHUFL is your ikeahack kitchen made with danish design fronts. Our products fit with Metod and Faktum kitchen systems and the wardrobe and bathroom fittings Pax and Godmorgon.

All &SHUFL fronts, sides and countertops are 100% produced in Denmark. We think that´s good both for the environment, for the quality and for you!

2. Design
your kitchen

At & SHUFL we have created a universe where you can design your new kitchen, bath or wardrobe yourself. You can mix and match from our entire palette of colours and materials, so you’ll be able to express your own personality. Our goal is to give you infinite options for creating a personal, tailor-made kitchen. We also make special orders to almost every possible measurement, so we can design a unique solution just for you.

2. Architects
help you

We know that it can be difficult to get going on a new kitchen. If you need help, our architects will advise you and assist you throughout the project, so you get precisely the kitchen you’re dreaming of. You’re the project manager, but we’ll be there to back you up.

If you bring your drawings, measurements and pictures of your room our architects will love to help you get the most beautiful and functional kitchen design. We love to challenge the conventional and we always aim to create something extraordinary.

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wooden drawers


What is the price of a new kitchen?

Here you can see price examples of different kitchens in different materials.

&SHUFL is Danish carpentry craftsmanship tailored to IKEA interior design.

We know that renovating your kitchen can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Even if you’re the project manager, we’ll help you get started, and we’ll be there to back you up when you need it.

The first step is to contact us, and you’ll be on your way.

We would very much like to help
you with your project.