Danish kitchen solutions in carpentry quality.

Danish carpentry quality tailored to you.

Get your dream kitchen at &SHUFL. Despite the English-sounding name, we’re thoroughly Danish, and we design and produce custom kitchens of carpentry quality for you.

With us, you can get the whole spectrum:

We call it Keep, Combine, Complete.

With us, beautiful design, sustainability, and responsibility go hand in hand. That’s why we produce our kitchens in Denmark, where you get the renowned Danish carpentry quality that can last a lifetime. The kitchen is made especially for you, and as a customer you’re ensured that it’s made in a country where we adhere to strict climate and environmental requirement and have a strong focus om workplace safety and fair pay.

Our design is simple, but it comes in many colors and materials. You can match them exactly as you wish. We call it “shufle” and give you the freedom to create your completely unique kitchen.

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&SHUFL dit køkken
&SHUFL dit køkken
&SHUFL dit køkken
&SHUFL signatur greb

10 years of beautiful kitchens

The magazine “BoligLiv” writes Sep 2023:
“10 years of beautiful kitchens. &SHUFL is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, and they are doing it with the kitchen series Complete…”

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Get new fronts for your existing kitchen with &SHUFL keep®️

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New collaboration

Relaunch of an iconic handle: A timeless handle that can last a lifetime.

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Good to know

Danish craftsmanship

Carpentry craftsmanship

All &SHUFL fronts, sides, and countertops are produced in Denmark. We believe it is best for the environment, quality, and you! &SHUFL is your ikea hack in Danish design.

Design your personalized kitchen

At &SHUFL, we have created a universe where you can design your own kitchen, bathroom, or wardrobe, giving you a personalized and tailored expression. You can mix and match our entire palette of colors and materials.

Our architects can assist

Our architects are more than happy to assist you in designing the layout of your kitchen and selecting the colors and materials that best suit your needs. We guide you through the process to ensure that you get the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. You are the project manager yourself, but we will hold your hand throughout the process.

New exterior - keep the interior

Get new kitchen cabinet doors in carpenter quality - built on your old kitchen. We have introduced &SHUFL keepⓇ for those who wish to recycle to the greatest extent possible. For kitchens where only the cabinet doors or perhaps the countertop are worn out. We help you update the exterior with beautiful kitchen fronts and countertops produced in the best carpenter quality in Denmark.

We produce for a range of kitchen systems - including the old Ikea Faktum, among others.

Ikea hack kitchen

Create a unique kitchen by combining our exclusive fronts, handles, wooden drawers, and countertops with Ikea's interior in the form of kitchen units. With &SHUFL's kitchen solutions, you get an Ikea-hacked kitchen of the highest carpenter quality – produced for you at Danish carpentries.

Let us help you create the perfect kitchen that is tailored to your needs and style.

The full carpentry kitchen

Get the full &SHUFL experience for your new kitchen. Our brand new range of Danish-made cabinets now makes it possible to get the entire solution including wooden drawers and cabinets in the full carpenter quality from &SHUFL. With the tailored design options, we can meet all your needs and create beautiful and functional spaces.

Experience the complete carpentry solution with &SHUFL and make your home truly unique.

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