Core – a tribute to the natural

&SHUFL’s new collection, Core, is developed in cooperation with Johansen Skovsted Architects. With Core we’ve focused on the environment and on beauty. We have created a collection with a minimal climate footprint that can be repaired and maintained and many years from now, be recycled into material for new kitchens. And as always, we’ve done our best to deliver a beautiful collection that will add warmth and a glow to your home.

From a discarded shelf to your new kitchen 

Core is made from 90% recycled wood from Danish recycling stations, which is collected, ground up, and transformed into new materials. The various types of ground-up wood range from fine hardwoods to pine and oak and create a beautiful and natural variation in the surface, which we have chosen to bring out by tinting it in three different nuances so the structure is visible. That means you may find small stories hidden in your kitchen: a slightly lighter area might come from an old pinewood bookshelf, while a darker area might be from a heavy mahogany sideboard that didn’t fit contemporary styles. We see the beauty in variation and in the imperfect. With Core, you’ll give discarded wood a new life in the form of a kitchen that reduces climate impact and minimizes the use of new wood.

A kitchen that can last a long time

In Denmark, kitchens reach an average age of 11.5 years. That’s way too low, and it’s time that we stop making a kitchen something that you throw out when it starts looking a little worn down. With Core, you’ll get a kitchen with a long lifespan. The surface is treated with a varnish that resists daily wear. If it gets scratched, you can repair it on the spot to maintain a fresh look. And if many years later you think the kitchen needs a new surface or a new tint, you can sand down the wood and re-varnish it to get what’s almost a new kitchen without a big renovation.

Your kitchen can live many lives

When your Core kitchen has finished its time in your service, or in the service of future residents of your home, it can enter into a circular process. It can be delivered to a recycling center, be ground up, and arise again as new panels or new kitchens. That way it can live many lives instead of being burned and emitting CO2. We have cut Core all the way down to the bone to give you the opportunity to make a beautiful and climate-conscious choice.

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Choosing a circular product

Core is made of 90% recycled wood from Danish recycling stations. Kristoffer Brems, a co-founder of &SHUFL, explains the thinking behind the new collection. 

A collaboration with Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter

The Core collection is developed in cooperation with Johansen Skovsted Architects, a prize-winning architect duo consisting of Søren Johansen and Sebastian Skovsted.

Johansen Skovsted Architects often works with renovation assignments in which the focus is on creating renewal while preserving the existing, extending and reinterpreting.   They won the Dreyers Fonds Honorary Prize in 2022.

We turn things inside out

With the Core collection we have cut away the superfluous and instead emphasize what was traditionally hidden. Core consists of the “core” – without the traditional surface of laminate or linoleum. This creates a beautiful and unique product with a high degree of honesty. An organic warmth, where the structure of the panels is a fundamental part of the look and a lovely contrast to the edges, which are made of solid ash.

Made of recycled wood

Core is produced at our Danish workshop. The material for the panels consists of 90% recycled wood from Danish recycling stations  –  the rest is wood produced when thinning Danish forests plus offcuts from the timber industry.  

The Core collection has a very special and beautiful natural variation that appears when recycled wood is ground up and made into panels. When the fine parts of the tree mass – for example oak or fine hardwoods – are concentrated in individual spots on the panel, you can see nuanced differences. By allowing for these nuanced differences, we minimize wood wastage and create a unique product in which no two kitchens are alike.

More environmentally friendly

The Core collection is developed with an eye towards bringing down CO2 usage. The result is a singular product with an honest core – Danish recycled materials in their most simple form. Choosing to expose the core helps bring down material costs and energy usage when it comes to the manufacture of each kitchen door. But it also creates a beautiful and unique product.

&SHUFL køkken i cirkulært materiale

Kitchen wall created with the Core collection in all three tones. The niche is made with a countertop and backsplash in the laminate color Pale Gold.

&SHUFL køkken i cirkulært materiale

Kitchen fronts in Core in the tone Dark Soil. Note that this is combined with finger-jointed wooden drawers in oiled oak.

&SHUFL cirkulæer

With new kitchen doors from the Core collection, your kitchen can remain beautiful for many years to come. 

Price per drawer front from DKr 700 including VAT.

TONES – Core

The Core collection is available in three beautiful shades.

Are you curious about which combinations might look best in your home? Book a design meeting here, and we’ll help you decide. 


Bæredygtigt køkken core



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