Delivery of your &SHUFL order


When you receive your delivery from us, we kindly ask you to check immediately and while the driver is present that there are no visible damages to the packaging.

If there are damages to the packaging, we request that you accept the order with reservations and note this on the receipt to the driver. Otherwise, we cannot be held responsible for shipping damages. Likewise, we would like to ask you to document the damage to the packaging with photos before unpacking your order.

If there is damage both to the packaging and to the item inside, we kindly request that you send us an email at with photos of the damage to the packaging and the item so that we can initiate the production of the damaged item and make a claim with the shipping company. If you specify on your order/invoice what needs to be reproduced and also include a picture of it, we can quickly initiate the process.


Lifting and carrying of countertops and side panels should always be done with the panel upright on its narrow edge. Panels should never be transported or carried in a horizontal position. Please be very careful when setting things down, as corners and edges are fragile.


We kindly request that you check that all parts of your order have been delivered according to the invoice. We request that you do this within 24 hours and immediately email us if anything is missing.

You can also get an overview of your delivery at the same time. There can be a large number of parts, and we recommend that you categorize your delivery into fronts, side panels, plinths, countertops, etc. This way, it’s easy to see what you’ve received and where it belongs. If it’s your installer who is receiving the delivery, we recommend that you share this tip with them.


Installation of kitchen and wardrobe


If you have received a &SHUFL drawing, we recommend using it as a starting point for the installation. Please pay attention to any notes or special instructions.

We recommend that you use a skilled and experienced installer for the job and share your &SHUFL drawing, order, and the “installation tips” document with the installer.

If you want to install your elements before receiving your &SHUFL order, please be aware that there should be space for any side panels so that they can be installed between tall and base cabinets subsequently.


In the Copenhagen area, we have a network of skilled installers that we can recommend. Call or write to us to learn more. Please be aware that there may be a considerable wait time, so we recommend contacting us and them well in advance.

If you choose to handle the installation task yourself and encounter challenges along the way, you or your installer are always welcome to contact us.


For the assembly of IKEA parts, we recommend following IKEA’s assembly instructions.


At &SHUFL, we pay great attention to details to ensure you get the most beautiful result possible.

To assist you and your installer, we have compiled some of the most important details, tricks, and tips for setting up your &SHUFL order.