Delivery of your &SHUFL order


When you receive your delivery from us, we ask you to check to make sure that there is no visible damage to the packaging immediately, while the driver is there.

If there is damage to the packaging, we ask you to receive the order conditionally – or “med forbehold”– and to write this on the receipt given to the driver. If you do not, we cannot be held responsible for any damage during shipping. We also ask that you document any damage to the packaging with photos before you unpack your order.

If there is damage to both the packaging and the goods within them, we will ask you to send us an email at hello@andshufl.com with photos of the damage to the packaging and the goods, so that we can begin producing a replacement product and seek a refund from the freight company. If you indicate on your order or invoice precisely what needs to be replaced, and also send a picture of it, we can quickly begin production.

Lifting and carrying of countertops and side panels must always be done with the item on its edge, never flat. Countertops must never be transported or carried flat. Be very careful when you put things down, because corners and edges are fragile.

We ask you to check to make sure that all parts of your order have been delivered as specified on your invoice. Please do this within 24 hours and email us right away if something is missing.

This is also a good way to get an overview of your delivery. There can be a lot of parts, so we recommend that you divide your delivery into cabinet doors, side panels, floorboards, counter tops, etc. This way, you’ll be able to see what has been delivered and what it belongs to. If it is your installer who will be receiving the delivery, we recommend that you share these tips with the installer.

Installation of kitchen and wardrobe


If you have had a &SHUFL drawing prepared, we recommend using it as a basis for installation. Keep an eye on any adaptations or special orders you have requested.

We recommend that you use a skilled and experienced installer for the work, and that you share with the installer your &SHUFL drawing, order, and the document “Tips for installation.”

If you’d like to install some of your elements before you receive your &SHUFL order, please keep in mind that there must be room for any side panels between the top and bottom cabinets to be installed later.

We recommend that you use a skilled and experienced installer for the work, please note that some installers are heavily booked and might require some waiting time, so contact both us and them well in advance.

If you decide to do the installation work yourself and run into some problems along the way, either you or your installer are always welcome to contact us.

When you install IKEA parts, we recommend that you follow IKEA’s installation instructions.

At &SHUFL, we care a lot about details, so that you get the best possible result.

To help you and your installer we have collected some of the most important details, tips, and tricks for installing your &SHUFL order.