3 steps to your new kitchen, wardrobe or bathroom



Whether you already know how you want your new kitchen to look or still need inspiration, get in touch. We’ll help you take the next steps.

Maybe you already have an IKEA drawing, feel certain about style, colour, and materials, and just want an estimate for your new kitchen or new storage space.

Maybe you have no idea what you’re doing, have never purchased a kitchen before, and don’t know where to begin.

Or maybe you’re somewhere in between and need to see what options there are for a tailored solution, see the colour possibilities, and get feedback and good advice.

No matter where you are in the process, go ahead and call us or contact us via email to get an answer to your immediate questions. You can get an estimate based on your IKEA drawing, get colour samples sent if you live outside of Denmark, or schedule an introductory meeting with our architects in Copenhagen.

At the meeting, you’ll see our kitchens and get a sense of the differences between the various collections. Get a sense of how those drawer knobs feel in your hand. Experience the colours in real life, and discuss your kitchen plans, time frame, budget and much more with our architects. We will also be happy to help you choose colours and materials.

If it’s a wardrobe or new bathroom furniture you’re looking for, you can also see the selection of colours and materials at the meeting.

If it’s not possible for you to come to Denmark, don’t worry – we’ll help you through the phone and via email.



Choose the combination and solution that matches your dreams and desires.

If you’ve received an estimate and it looks the way you want it to, then it’s time to get the order processed so you can have it delivered as quickly as possible. Otherwise we’ll adjust it until you are satisfied.

If you’ve had a meeting with us about your kitchen, you’ll have an ongoing dialogue with our architects.

We’ll send you an estimate and in some cases an architectural drawing of the kitchen the way you’d like to see it. We won’t stop until we’re ready with just the right order.



A trip to IKEA, set-up, and assembly

While we are busy producing your cabinet doors and countertops, you’ll get in touch with IKEA and purchase the inner workings of your new kitchen, wardrobe, or bathroom furniture: the inner shelves, drawers, hinges, etc.

That means everything will be ready for assembly when we deliver your order. Unless you have a pre-existing kitchen, all you have to do is wait.

We will ship off your &SHUFL products five-eight weeks after ordering (in and around vacation periods perhaps a bit longer – we will inform you about this when you order) and you will now be ready to install &SHUFL in your home.

More about &SHUFL

New thinking in the kitchen industry

&SHUFL was created in 2013, because we thought there was a need to do things differently in the kitchen industry.

We still believe that. There are too many kitchens that look just the same, and too much focus on limited-time-only discount campaigns based on artificially inflated prices. We believe that what’s important is creating high-quality personal kitchens that can be built for a reasonable price – every day, all year long.

That’s why we:

Focus on thinking smart

Why buy expensive inner workings for a closet when they’ll be hidden most of the time? IKEA delivers an excellent product with a 25-year guarantee at a fantastic price. And our handmade designs on the outside of IKEA’s insides makes for a pretty smart combination, if we may say so ourselves.

Infinite options for creating a personal, tailor-made kitchen

You can mix and match from our entire palette of colours and materials, so you’ll be able to express your own personality. We also make special orders to almost every possible measurement, so we can design a unique solution just for you.

An architect’s input on every project

We know that it can be difficult to get going on a new kitchen. If you need help, our architects will advise you and assist you throughout the project, so you get precisely the kitchen you’re dreaming of. You’re the project manager, but we’ll be there to back you up.

No discounts

We sell our kitchens at the best possible price and without a middleman. We don’t run limited-time-only campaigns, and we don’t give discounts on our kitchens.

We don’t insist on selling you an entirely new kitchen

If you only want new cabinet fronts and countertops – sure, we can just replace those elements and leave the rest of the kitchen “as is.” We think that makes sense from both a financial and an environmental perspective.

Denmark’s first IKEA hackers

We at &SHUFL were Denmark’s first IKEA kitchen hackers and among the first in Europe. But today we also offer &SHUFL for IKEA’s wardrobe system Pax and bathroom furniture series Godmorgon.

And if you have a kitchen that isn’t from IKEA, but still needs an upgrade, get in touch – we may be able to help you, too.