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Crafted by artisans in Denmark. Shuffled by you.

&SHUFL is kitchen, wardrobe, and bathroom solutions designed and produced in Denmark. We help you get the kitchen of your dreams. Our solutions are tailored to IKEA systems, but we can also produce for other kitchens. Contact us and book a meeting with our kitchen architects, and you’re on your way.

Made from 90% recycled wood from Danish recycling centers

&SHUFL’s new collection, Core, has been developed in collaboration with Johansen Skovsted architects. With Core, we have focused on climate and beauty. We have created a collection with a minimal climate footprint that can be repaired and maintained and can eventually be transformed into material for new kitchens many years from now. In addition, as always, we have focused on creating a beautiful collection that will bring warmth and radiance to your home.


Endures everyday life and comes in many color options

We have 24 beautiful colors for your new kitchen fronts. The colors range from the gray-brown and yellow tones to the bolder bright blue and red shades. They can be combined in various ways and mixed with other materials such as wood and stone for your very own unique expression.


Brings lots of life and vibrancy to your kitchen

&SHUFLs wood collection consists of three types of wood: ash, oak, and smoked oak. They are chosen so that you can use one type of wood throughout the kitchen, mix and match the different types as you like, or combine them with &SHUFL’s other collections. Regardless of what you choose, the result will be personal and unique.


A natural product that feels warm, exclusive, and soft

When was the last time you ran your hand over your kitchen counters because they are pleasant to touch? You will feel like doing it with linoleum, which has some unique properties. A special tactility that makes it pleasant to touch and have as flooring, and a softness that gives the beautiful colors a special glow and radiance.


Collection with a unique selection of colors

Our painted wood collection consists of a wide range of unique and specially selected colors. Each color is inspired by some of our greatest painters. The colors range from white, gray, and gray-green tones to some more reddish and yellow-brown shades. Colors should always be experienced in real life, so come into our showroom and see the new possibilities. The core of the product is our Danish chipboard made from recycled wood, veneered with an ash veneer, subtly visible under the paint.


Kitchen in beautiful transformation.

An existing kitchen has received new fronts and countertops. Here is, among other things. made several custom solutions; nice built-in coffee nook and a cozy seating area that wraps around the corner. Slide between the before and after images, and see how the previous kitchen has been transformed.

Discover the possibilities of creating your dream kitchen without throwing away everything behind it. Read more about our concept keep, which allows you to keep the inner and renew the outer!


Carpenter-made in Denmark

All of &SHUFL’s kitchen collections are produced in Danish carpentry workshops – we believe that makes the most sense. The strong Danish craftsmanship traditions and the close collaboration between our designers and carpenters are what ensure the high quality of the product. And we keep the jobs in Denmark.

Read more about &SHUFL and our history here.


Come in and see the collections in our showroom or order a color sample