Core – a tribute to the natural

&SHUFL’s new collection, Core, has been developed in collaboration with Johansen Skovsted architects. With Core, we have focused on climate and beauty. We have created a collection with a minimal climate footprint that can be repaired and maintained and can eventually be transformed into material for new kitchens many years from now. In addition, as always, we have focused on creating a beautiful collection that will bring warmth and radiance to your home.

Created from recycled wood

Core is produced at our Danish carpentry workshop. The raw materials for the plates consist of 90% recycled wood from Danish recycling stations – the rest is thinning wood from Danish forests and waste from the wood industry.

The Core collection has a very special and beautiful natural variation that emerges when the recycled wood is ground up and turned into panels. When the finest parts of the wood mass, such as oak or hardwood, concentrate in specific areas of the panel, small nuances are created. By retaining these nuances, we minimize waste and reduce scrap while also obtaining a unique product where no two kitchens are the same.

We see the beauty in variation and imperfection, and with Core, you give discarded wood new life in the form of a kitchen that reduces the environmental impact and minimizes the use of entirely new wood.

We turn the inside out

With the Core collection, we have cut away all the unnecessary and instead highlight what is traditionally concealed. Core consists of the core – without the traditional surface such as laminate or linoleum. It creates a beautiful and unique product with a high degree of honesty. An organic warmth where the structure of the panels is an integral part of the expression and is beautifully complemented by the edges made of solid ash wood.

With Core, you get a kitchen with a long lifespan. The surface is coated with a lacquer that is resistant to everyday wear and tear. Should it get a scratch, you can repair it on the spot with the touch-up paint that comes with it, thus preserving a fresh appearance.

More environmentally friendly

The Core collection is developed with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions. The result is a highly unique product consisting of the honest core – Danish recycled material in its purest form. When we choose to expose the core, it is partly to reduce material and energy consumption in the production of each kitchen door. But also because it creates a beautiful and unique product.

When your Core kitchen has served its time with you or the subsequent occupants of your home, it can become part of a new circular process. It can be handed in and collected, ground down and reborn as new panels and new kitchens, thus remaining in a usage cycle instead of being incinerated, emitting CO2.

A collaboration with Johansen Skovsted Architects.

The Core collection was developed in collaboration with Johansen Skovsted Architects, an award-winning Danish architectural duo consisting of Søren Johansen and Sebastian Skovsted.

Johansen Skovsted Architects often work on renovation projects where the focus is on creating renewal by preserving the existing, adding on, and reinterpreting. They have, among other awards, won the Dreyers Fonds Hæderpris in 2022.


TONER – Core

The Core collection is available in three beautiful shades.

Are you curious about which combinations will fit in your home? Book your design meeting here, and we’ll assist you further.


Please be aware that the colors on your screen may differ from the actual color.

Core is available with solid ash edges colored in the same tones as the surfaces.

A choice for the circular product

Core is made from 90% recycled wood from Danish recycling stations. Kristoffer Brems, co-founder of &SHUFL, shares his thoughts behind the new collection.


Get a handle on the kitchen style

Create your own expression.

With &SHUFL, you get the freedom to create your own personal expression in your new kitchen. With our range of colors and materials, you can let your creativity run wild on both the surfaces and in the cabinets. Explore our range of handles, countertops, cabinets, edges, and wooden drawers, and see how you can assemble the different elements into a kitchen that is unique and reflects your personal style. We're also here to guide you, so together we can create a kitchen tailored just for you.

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All of &SHUFL’s kitchen collections are produced in Danish carpentry workshops – we believe that makes the most sense. The strong Danish craftsmanship traditions and the close collaboration between our designers and carpenters are what ensure the high quality of the product.


New exterior - keep the interior

Get new kitchen cabinet doors in carpenter quality - built on your old kitchen. We have launched &SHUFL Keep for you who want to reuse as much as possible - you who have a kitchen where only the kitchen doors or countertop are worn.


IKEA hack kitchen

Create a unique kitchen by combining our exclusive fronts, handles, wooden drawers, and countertops with Ikea's interior in the form of kitchen units. With &SHUFL's kitchen solutions, you get an IKEA hack kitchen in the best carpentry quality.


The full carpentry kitchen

Get the full &SHUFL experience for your new kitchen. Our brand new range of Danish-produced cabinets now makes it possible to get the entire solution including wooden drawers and cabinets in full carpentry quality from &SHUFL.


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