A natural product that feels warm and soft

When was the last time you ran your hand over your kitchen counters because they are pleasant to touch? You will feel like doing it with linoleum, which has some unique properties. A special tactility that makes it pleasant to touch and have as flooring, and a softness that gives the beautiful colors a special glow and radiance.

As a special luxurious detail, our linoleum products have linoleum on both the front and back sides.

Our linoleum kitchen fronts are produced in Danish carpentry workshops and are constructed so that you get color on both the front and back sides of the front. This way, there is something beautiful to look at when you open the drawer or cabinet. At the same time, you can freely choose the type of edge you want on the door. We offer both a black edge, an oak veneer edge, and a dark smoked oak edge. If you’re unsure about the many possibilities and how to find the perfect combination of colors and materials for your project, please contact us – our architects will be delighted to assist you further.

COLORS – Linoleum

&SHUFL linoleum farve Mauve
&SHUFL linoleum farve Charcoel
&SHUFL linoleum farve Pewter
&SHUFL linoleum colour Iron
&SHUFL linoleum color Walnut
&SHUFL linoleum color
&SHUFL linoleum color Leather

Please be aware that the colors on your screen may differ from the actual color.

Linoleum is available with solid wood edges in ash, oak, black oak, smoked oak.

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Get a handle on the kitchen style with &SHUFL.

Create your own expression.

With &SHUFL, you get the freedom to create your own personal expression in your new kitchen. With our range of colors and materials, you can let your creativity run wild on both the surfaces and in the cabinets. Explore our range of handles, countertops, cabinets, edges, and wooden drawers, and see how you can assemble the different elements into a kitchen that is unique and reflects your personal style. We're also here to guide you, so together we can create a kitchen tailored just for you.

The simple design ensures that all our materials and colors, handles, wooden drawers, and countertops can be mixed exactly as you desire. That's what we call "shufle." Read much more about all your options below.

All of &SHUFL’s kitchen collections are produced in Danish carpentry workshops – we believe that makes the most sense. The strong Danish craftsmanship traditions and the close collaboration between our designers and carpenters are what ensure the high quality of the product. And we keep the jobs in Denmark.

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New exterior - keep the interior

Get new kitchen cabinet doors in carpenter quality - built on your old kitchen. We have introduced &SHUFL keepⓇ for those who wish to recycle to the greatest extent possible. For kitchens where only the cabinet doors or perhaps the countertop are worn out. We help you update the exterior with beautiful kitchen fronts and countertops produced in the best carpenter quality in Denmark.

We produce for a range of kitchen systems - including the old Ikea Faktum, among others.

Ikea hack kitchen

Create a unique kitchen by combining our exclusive fronts, handles, wooden drawers, and countertops with Ikea's interior in the form of kitchen units. With &SHUFL's kitchen solutions, you get an Ikea-hacked kitchen of the highest carpenter quality – produced for you at Danish carpentries.

Let us help you create the perfect kitchen that is tailored to your needs and style.

The full carpentry kitchen

Get the full &SHUFL experience for your new kitchen. Our brand new range of Danish-made cabinets now makes it possible to get the entire solution including wooden drawers and cabinets in the full carpenter quality from &SHUFL. With the tailored design options, we can meet all your needs and create beautiful and functional spaces.

Experience the complete carpentry solution with &SHUFL and make your home truly unique.

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