Relaunch of an iconic handle

A classic handle that can last a lifetime

&SHUFL is now launching a collaboration with the Danish architect and designer Knud Holscher and the design company d line. Knud Holscher is one of the great masters of Danish design, known for his award-winning industrial designs developed under the motto: ‘modest design, designed to last.’ In 1971, he designed the streamlined bow handle for d line.

We are relaunching the handle in new colors that bridge the past and present, bringing together the bold, colorful universe that &SHUFL represents with Knud Holscher’s classic design. This way, a both modern and classic look is created. The colors have been curated by &SHUFL as a tribute to Bauhaus and inspired by the design spirit of the 70s and 80s.

The new handle can be used in combination with all of &SHUFL’s collections or separately on an existing kitchen in need of a refresh.

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Knud Holscher – the master of simplicity

“The kitchen is very central. It’s where the family gathers and creates its highlights…” says Knud Holscher. Regarding the handle, he says: “It is solved in a fantastic craftsmanship manner.”

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Colors and materials

The handle is exclusively available through &SHUFL, which has curated three new colors, red, blue, and mint, as a tribute to the Bauhaus period. In addition, the handle is available in black and white powder-coated steel, as well as in three classic materials: brushed steel, brass, and copper.

With the bold color palette and the more understated metals, it is possible to let the handles be a striking design element in the kitchen or let them play the elegant, more subdued role.

Copper handles, for example, are a beautiful choice for our new Core collection, which you can read more about here.

The classic bow handle

Knud Holscher designed the classic bow handle in its original version with a thickness of 14 mm and a length of 125 mm. We are relaunching it with a length of 128 mm, which is a standard width for handles today. If your old handles have a center-to-center measurement of 128 mm, you will be able to replace them and conceal the screw holes with this handle, thus refreshing your existing kitchen. But we encourage you to measure before ordering here, just to be sure.

Take back

&SHUFL aims to lead the kitchen industry in creating a sustainable future. A small step on the way is to offer a take-back system for these handles. This means that you can return or exchange your handles for a different color for a fee, and in the future, you will be able to purchase restored handles that other customers have returned. In this way, we create a circular system where the handles will never need to be destroyed.

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Colors and materials

The new kitchen handles come in various materials and colors, allowing you to choose the exact expression that suits your home.

You can choose from red, blue, mint, white, and black, as well as steel, brass, and copper.

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d line _ red



d line _ mint



d line _ blue


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