Beautiful kitchen drawers of carpentry quality

Do you also dream of finger-jointed wooden drawers of carpentry quality for your kitchen? We help you upgrade your new or existing kitchen with solid wood drawers of the highest quality. The luxurious feeling when you open the drawer and feel the texture of the wood is unmistakable.

The drawers fit with &SHUFL’s own Complete cabinets and with IKEA’s kitchen system Metod, but we can also assist you with wooden drawers for the majority of existing kitchens.

The carpenter’s drawers can be chosen in three beautiful wood types: smoked oak, oak, and ash. All kitchen drawers are solid and finger-jointed in the highest quality.

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Create order in your kitchen

Create the framework for a kitchen where you have plenty of space for your things and thus give yourself a better opportunity to keep things organized.

We all know it. The last stack of bowls is on top of the plates because there’s no space. By arranging the kitchen with pull-out drawers, you get much better opportunities to optimize the space and create a kitchen that works more efficiently for storage.

Carpentry quality from the inside out

If you want full carpentry quality for your kitchen, solid wood drawers are a good choice. The finger-jointed drawers create a perfect look for the carpentry kitchen, where you don’t mind leaving the drawer open – just because it looks so nice.

The pull-out drawers can also be used to upgrade your wardrobe, so you get the beautiful carpentry quality for your storage needs.

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Cutlery inserts designed specifically for you

Get order in cutlery and accessories. We have specially designed many different cutlery inserts, so all dreams of order in the drawers can be fulfilled. There are inserts with small and large compartments, knife holders, and more. They fit all our wooden drawers and come in three drawer widths: 40, 60, and 80 cm, and are also available in all three wood types.

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Fingertapped drawers in smoked oak, oak, and ash.

You can choose between the wood types oak, ash, or smoked oak. All drawers are finger-jointed and made of solid wood sourced from European forests, carefully selected.

We have chosen to oil them, giving them a warm and beautiful appearance and a pleasant surface. The fact that they are oiled also means that they are easy to maintain and refresh if they get scratched, unlike drawers with a lacquered surface.

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How expensive is it, actually?

With &SHUFL wooden drawers, you get a kitchen of carpentry quality both on the outside and on the inside. But what does it actually cost to get wooden drawers?

Price example for solid oak wooden drawers:

Low drawer 60×50: 1,490 DKK.

Medium drawer 60×50: 1,790 DKK.

Tall drawer 60×50: 2,100 DKK.

Total (drawers for a base cabinet): 5,380 DKK.

All prices are in Danish Kroner (DKK). All prices are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of delivery.
Errors and price changes are subject to change.

How to order your new kitchen drawers:

If you already know which wooden drawers you want, we can quickly provide you with a quote so you can see the cost.

If you purchase a kitchen along with the wooden drawers, we will create a drawing for you and your installer to make it easy to see where they should be installed.

You will receive the wooden drawers along with your kitchen, and all the installation accessories (screws and rails) are included, of course.

Additionally, we have prepared a clear assembly guide that you can provide to your installer.

Do you want wooden drawers? Send us an email at or make further arrangements with our architects when you visit our showroom, where you can also see the wooden drawers.

New exterior - keep the interior

Get new kitchen cabinet doors in carpenter quality - built on your old kitchen. We have introduced &SHUFL keepⓇ for those who wish to recycle to the greatest extent possible. For kitchens where only the cabinet doors or perhaps the countertop are worn out. We help you update the exterior with beautiful kitchen fronts and countertops produced in the best carpenter quality in Denmark.

We produce for a range of kitchen systems - including the old Ikea Faktum, among others.

Ikea hack kitchen

Create a unique kitchen by combining our exclusive fronts, handles, wooden drawers, and countertops with Ikea's interior in the form of kitchen units. With &SHUFL's kitchen solutions, you get an Ikea-hacked kitchen of the highest carpenter quality – produced for you at Danish carpentries.

Let us help you create the perfect kitchen that is tailored to your needs and style.

The full carpentry kitchen

Get the full &SHUFL experience for your new kitchen. Our brand new range of Danish-made cabinets now makes it possible to get the entire solution including wooden drawers and cabinets in the full carpenter quality from &SHUFL. With the tailored design options, we can meet all your needs and create beautiful and functional spaces.

Experience the complete carpentry solution with &SHUFL and make your home truly unique.

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