A natural product that feels warm and soft

When was the last time you ran your hand over the front of your kitchen cabinets because they were so nice to touch? You’ll want to do that with linoleum, which has some totally unique qualities. A special tactile feeling that makes them wonderful to touch, and a restraint that gives the beautiful colors a special glow and charisma.

A particularly attractive detail is that our linoleum products have linoleum on both the front and back side.

COLOURS – linoleum

linoleum køkken colour sample


linoleum køkken colour sample


linoleum køkken colour sample


linoleum køkken colour sample


linoleum køkken colour sample


linoleum køkken


linoleum køkken



linoleum køkken


linoleum køkken colour sample


køkken fronter ikeahack


linoleum køkken


linoleum køkken


linoleum køkken


&SHUFL køkken linoleum farve mærkbrun jordfarve, iron


Keep in mind that the colours on your screen may be different from the actual colours. Contact us if you would like to come by and see them in our showroom, or if you would like us to send some colour samples.

Price examples

As a standard, &SHUFL produces all of the formats that are part of the Metod system (IKEA’s current kitchen system) and Faktum (IKEA’s previous system). In addition to the standard range, we produce fronts, doors, sides, floorboards, and countertops to measure, so you can get specially-drawn solutions for your kitchen. 

About the material

Linoleum is one of our most popular materials. Because of the soft surface linoleum delivers better acoustics, and it is also anti-static and naturally anti-bacterial. In contrast to many other materials, you cannot see greasy fingerprints – even on a dark surface.

Like many other natural products, linoleum requires a bit of care to maintain its beauty. The good news is that most small scratches can be repaired, because the material is easy to work with.


ikeahack kitchen
Linoleum kitchen with kitchen island in our charcoal colour. The kitchen island creates additional counter space and contains a wine cabinet, shelves for favorite things and seats for fellow cooks and children.
ikeahack køkken
An extra work light can be very helpful in the kitchen. Here the addition of a lovely, flexible lamp on the wall improves the lighting conditions.
ikeahack køkken
A built-in bench with extra storage can create a corner where you can sit in peace and quiet and read a good book, plus offer extra seating when you have many guests.

Come in and see the collections
in our showroom, or order a colour sample.