Laminate sample set


Laminate colour samples

20 color samples (8 x 6 cm)

A complete sample set with all 20 laminate colours from &SHUFL’s laminate collection. The colour palette is carefully selected to last for many years. The colours are matte with low reflectiveness, and the material is durable and resistant to bacteria. Laminates are largely maintenance-free and can be cleaned on a daily basis with just water and a bit of soap. It doesn’t get easier.

About the collection: All the products in the collection have laminate on both the front and back surfaces, a solid core of black mdf, and matte black edges. And like every other &SHUFL product, the collection is made by cabinet makers in Denmark.

Read more here about &SHUFL’s laminate collection.

Delivery time: 5-10 business days
Note: We’ll refund the cost of your samples if you purchase a kitchen, cabinets, or other products from us. Just remind us when you make your purchase.
We will send the samples to your mailbox at home.
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