Miami sample set


MIAMI sample set

6 stk color samples (8 x 6 cm)

Complete sample set with all the colours in &SHUFLs Miami Collection. Consisting of four delicious pastel colours, the collection is inspired by the famous art deco buildings in Miami Beach, the easy going lifestyle, and a more bold and informal approach to interior decorating. The colours can be mixed and matched or used by themselves. Either way they will bring a feeling of summer and fun wherever they are used: the kitchen, the cottage, the wardrobe or bathroom – or maybe that small bench in the hallway, where a little splash of colour is needed.


Delivery time: 2-6 business days

Note: We’ll refund the cost of your samples if you purchase a kitchen, cabinets, or other products from us. Just remind us when you make your purchase.

We will send samples to your mailbox at home.

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