Raw sample set

DKK 50

Raw sample set

3 color samples (8 x 6 cm)

A complete sample set with all 3 colors &SHUFL’s RAW collection. The collection consists of raw black, raw grey, and raw light grey, and is made of a hard type of MDF, valchromat, that is protected with bio oil.

About the collection: You might not know that many kitchen doors are made of chipboard with a frame of wood outside, which is then painted, veneered, or covered with foil. At &SHUFL we work differently. In all of our products (other than RAW), we have a core of MDF or valchromat and a front and back side that is painted or covered with another material. Nothing else. With RAW, we actually expose the core, and cut all the way to the bone for a RAW and sleek look.

Read more here about &SHUFL’s RAW collection.

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Note: We’ll refund the cost of your samples if you purchase a kitchen, cabinets, or other products from us. Just remind us when you make your purchase.
We’ll send you an SMS when your package with samples has been sent. We generally send samples to your mailbox at home.
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