Wood sample set


Wood sample set

3 color samples (8 x 6 cm): Eg, røget eg and elm.

A complete sample set with all 3 wood types from &SHUFL’s wood collection. The collection consists of three wood types: elm, oak, and smoked oak. The wood is carefully chosen to ensure the best possible quality and the most beautiful appearance. The result is a product with strong roots in Danish design that feels as exclusive as it looks. It’s a great idea to combine the wood variations with one of &SHUFL’s other collections. For example, a kitchen looks lovely with wooden cabinet fronts and countertops in linoleum.

About the collection: All the products in the collection have wood veneers on both the front and back surfaces, a solid core of black mdf, and matte black edges. And like every other &SHUFL product, the collection is made by cabinet makers in Denmark.

Read more here about &SHUFL’s wood collection.


Delivery time: 2-6 business days
Note: We’ll refund the cost of your samples if you purchase a kitchen, cabinets, or other products from us. Just remind us when you make your purchase.
We will send the samples to your mailbox at home.
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