At &SHUFL, we take responsibility and lead the way with the goal of being the greenest kitchen company in Europe. We aim to create a green agenda that enables you as a customer to make an informed, more sustainable choice. We want to create ripples in the water within our surroundings, our suppliers, and our competitors, just as we did when we introduced the Ikea hack in Denmark. Today, there isn’t enough happening in the industry.

There needs to be action behind the words

We have consolidated our sustainability efforts under the heading &ACTION. We have done that to promise ourselves and our customers that there must be action behind the words.

How can we do the most possible – as quickly as possible?

For several years, we have been working with &ACTION and have identified, through in-depth analysis, the three areas of focus where we can currently and most effectively contribute to a better climate. We can do that by being transparent with you as a consumer, so you can make an informed choice when you purchase. By prioritizing sustainability as much as design in our product development and by contributing to extending the lifespan of existing kitchens.


1. Transparency

We want to be open and honest about the environmental cost of our products. It allows you to choose – not just based on design and finances – but also the environment, in terms of CO2.

Even though we hear about CO2 and its impact on the climate every day, it can be a somewhat abstract concept for most people. To make it easier to understand, we have compared the carbon footprint of our own products with three common items: beef, air travel, and streaming. We believe this is one of the keys to conscious consumption and a more informed choice.


2. Product Development

Sustainability is at the top of the agenda when we develop products. We aim to improve our existing products and develop new, greener collections.

We have collected data from our suppliers and manufacturers, which has subsequently been analyzed in collaboration with environmental consultants. Based on the in-depth analyses, we have initiated several initiatives to reduce the carbon footprint of our existing products All new collections are designed with the lowest possible CO2 consumption in mind, and we continuously strive to influence our suppliers so that our experiences can benefit others as well.


3. Recycling

Too many well-functioning kitchens are thrown out because the countertops or cabinet doors have become unsightly, and on average, Danish kitchens are replaced after only 11 years, resulting in significant climate impact.

With &SHUFL keep™️, we encourage you to keep what you can, to reuse as much of your existing kitchen as possible, and perhaps only replace handles or doors.

We can produce new components for most newer kitchen systems, and our architects are happy to assist with solutions on how to optimize an existing kitchen. Then you can make a more environmentally friendly choice.


Sustainability is development that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Our Common Future, Brundtland Kommissionen, 1987

Some of our sustainability initiatives

Jan 2024 – CO2 per collection

&SHUFL CO2 emissions per kitchen collection


We are proud to be the first kitchen company in Denmark to disclose CO2 emissions.

This allows you to choose a kitchen not only based on design and budget but also on environmental considerations.

Are you curious about which collection emits the least CO2, or are you interested in our sustainability initiatives? Visit our showroom and see the transparent CO2 calculations.

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Sep 2023- A circular choice – inside and out

&SHUFL køkkenkabinetter med farve


Our new collection of cabinets is made from Cradle to Cradle certified chipboard and primarily contains recycled wood. They are of high quality and made to last for many years, but at the end of their lifespan, they can be recycled and ground into new particle boards.

Delivered as a flat-pack because it significantly reduces the carbon footprint during transportation.
Produced responsibly in Denmark, so you as a customer contribute to ensuring proper working conditions and retaining jobs.

Juni 2023 – Selected for Circular Furniture Days


We are proud to be invited to participate in the exhibition, Circular Furniture Days, during the design festival 3daysofdesign at the Designmuseum Denmark in Copenhagen.

Circular Furniture Days focuses on circular and innovative solutions within furniture and interior design

We are participating with our latest kitchen collection, Core, and furniture collection, Transformer.

Jan 2023 – Old Kitchen, New Possibilities

&SHUFL kitchens

We are exploring this together with the design studio Better Weather with the Transformer collection, which is our first take on furniture for the home – made from old kitchen fronts that would otherwise be discarded.
The collection consists of bench, stool, and bar stool.

Contact us if you want to know more.

Nov 2022 – Hello to recycled wood

&SHUFL arbejder med baeredygtighed

Core was created in collaboration with the award-winning Johansen Skovsted Architects with the goal of reducing the CO2 footprint, both now and in the future. The collection is therefore made of recycled wood instead of MDF, which we have parted with as it cannot be recycled.

Read more about Core here.

Oct 2022 – Goodbye to MDF


As an important step in making our products more environmentally friendly, we have decided to phase out MDF, which is often used in the core of kitchen doors. We expect to be completely MDF-free on our fronts and countertops by the end of the year.

MDF is made from freshly cut wood and has a climate impact of approximately twice as much CO2 as particleboard production. Furthermore, it cannot be part of a circular process after its useful life and would need to be incinerated.

Feel free to ask for it when you shop with us, and we can guide you.

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Oct 2022 – ECO-design Challenge

eco design challenge


We have been selected as a case company in this year’s ECO-design Challenge, and therefore have the pleasure of receiving input from many talented participants each week, who, together with us, are eager to help solve some of the environmental and climate challenges we face as a company, so that we can further advance our sustainability agenda.

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Jan 2022 – Launch of keep



Too many well-functioning kitchens are discarded because the countertop or cabinet doors have become unsightly. With &SHUFL keep, we aim to make it easier to make an environmentally friendly choice – to complement existing kitchens and reuse as much of the old kitchen as possible, instead of replacing it all.

We create solutions for both Ikea’s Faktum and Metod, and many others. Read more about the possibilities for renewing and renovating your existing kitchen.

Sep 2021 – &ACTION, a sustainable agenda

&SHUFL - vi gør det bæredygtige valg genneskueligt


We are launching our new sustainable agenda, which we have been working on for over a year. We initiated the process by mapping our CO2 emissions and, based on that, defined our sustainability strategy and identified three areas of focus where we can make the greatest contribution to a better climate.

Where sustainability is as important as price and design when choosing a kitchen. It requires the focus areas of transparency, product development, and recycling.

Our sustainable agenda, which we call &ACTION, is mentioned in Bo Bedre, among others.

Mar 2021 – Starting the green transition

&SHUFL baeredygtigheds strategi

Green Circular Transition is a nationwide program for small and medium-sized businesses that want to start or advance their green circular transition.

&SHUFL has been working on sustainability for some time, and is now stepping up its efforts by participating in the GCO program, so that we can make decisions on a qualified basis. Both management and employees participate, and here we lay the foundation for our future strategy.

There are over 80 newly produced parts in a new cabinet with drawers – can you keep the old one?

Every time an existing kitchen cabinet with drawers is reused and its lifespan extended, we save the production of all these new components. Isn’t that incredible?

Too many well-functioning kitchens are discarded because the countertop or cabinet doors have become unsightly. With &SHUFL keep™️, we aim to make it easier to make an eco-friendly choice – to complement existing kitchens and reuse as much of the old kitchen as possible, instead of replacing it all. ⁠

&SHUFL keep™️ is for you who want to think about the environment. It’s for you, who have a kitchen that works fine, and where it’s just the kitchen cabinet doors or the countertop that are worn out. Read more here, and contact us if we can help you.


This is how much CO2 is emitted by &SHUFL’s collections

See what your kitchen choice can be compared to in terms of beef consumption, streaming, and air travel – measured in CO2 emissions

* DATA INFO: The calculation of CO2 emissions per collection is carried out by an external partner based on the PEF standard for furniture (Product Environmental Footprint) developed by the European Commission. Data includes materials, production, transportation, waste, and CO2 absorption. Errors and omissions excepted.

** INFO ABOUT AVERAGE KITCHEN: An average kitchen from &SHUFL consists of 17 m2 of fronts and countertops.

We aim to be frontrunners in the green transition in our industry

At &SHUFL, we want to make a difference, and we believe that transparency is an important part of fostering positive change. We want to be open and honest about what our products cost in terms of carbon footprint. It allows you to choose, not just based on style and budget, but also environmental considerations.