Term and conditions

We ask that you read our terms and conditions
thoroughly before you order from us.



Frederiksholms Kanal 4, baghuset
1220 Copenhagen, Denmark
Cvr. nr. 35 53 23 66



We are not responsible for typographical errors, price errors, changes to VAT, currency levels, or other charges, price increases, force majeure, sold-out products or products that are no longer carried by us or suppliers or lack of delivery by our suppliers.



You are always welcome to write to us at hello@andshufl.com or telephone us at + 45 33 11 60 06.



All of our prices include Danish moms (VAT) and all other taxes. We can change prices without warning, unless we have stated a period of validity.



As a private consumer, you acknowledge and accept that when it comes to your purchase you have not received any advice about the product you have purchased. That means that you are personally responsible for your choice of product and its suitability for the purpose you have purchased it for. Read the product description thoroughly before you purchase.



For all purchases of custom-made products, the following applies:

We generally ship orders off 5-8 weeks after we have received your order. If other delivery conditions are in effect, we will tell you about them in your order confirmation, if not before. Delivery will usually take place during the daytime.

Please note: In and around vacation periods and holidays, delivery time will be longer than normal. Contact us to hear more.

We deliver via a freight service. We deliver to all parts of Denmark that can be reached with a bridge. Out of Denmark other limitations may occur,.

Our freight service delivers to your doorstep, unless you make a different agreement with us.

If you order several products, delivery may take place at different times.

When you are informed of the price of your purchase, you will also be informed of the freight costs, so you know the total price you will pay. We calculate freight based on a combination of weight, volume, delivery distance and accesibility.

For products purchased online in our webshop (www.andshufl.com) the following apply:

The delivery times stated directly with your online purchase are valid. This will normally be 3-4 business days in Denmark and 5-10 business days in Europe. Products purchased online in our webshop will be delivered to the nearest package depot or to your door, depending on the size of the product. As soon as we have received and processed your order, we will send you a confirmation via email.



Our products are specially-made for specific needs, so that your product is exactly as you want it from the many combinations possible.

Before you order, we recommend that you thoroughly and with professional help make sure that the product you are ordering is the correct measurement and colour, since you cannot cancel the purchase of specially-made products.

You can order colour samples before you purchase. You can also visit our showroom and see our products, plus receive advice and guidance.

When you purchase a specially-made product, we make it expressly clear that you cannot cancel the purchase. That means you must accept that before the purchase can be completed that you cannot cancel the purchase and send the product back.

This does not apply to products purchased online in our webshop (www.andshufl.com). For these products, you have full right of return for 14 days. See more under “right of return.” 



We use your email address and your mobile number to send you messages and information via email and sms. If you don’t give us permission to do anything else, we will use your email address and your mobile number only for communications having to do with your order.

You can give us permission to send you a newsletter via email.



We accept the full risk of correct and responsible transport to the delivery address you have given.

After this, the products will be left at your own risk. The burden of proof that the products have been lost is on you.



The purchase price of &SHUFL’s products does not include installation. Hinges are also not included.



When you receive your products, it is your responsibility to examine the products to make sure they correspond to what you ordered.

Unless better conditions have been agreed upon for the individual product, we provide a 24-month guarantee on our products as provided by law. This means that you as a customer can complain about defects in the product that appear for up to 24 months after you have received the product. It is a requirement that these deficiencies have not appeared as a result of incorrect use of the product or other damaging behaviour.

It is also a requirement that the defect was present when you received the product for the first time.

You should complain within a reasonable time after you have discovered the defect. If you complain within 2 months, the complaint will always be considered to be within a reasonable time. We will refund reasonable freight costs you may have in connection with the product return if the complaint is justified.

If you want to complain about a product, please do so with a paper letter or with an email to hello@andshufl.com.

It is also possible to drop off the product personally at the address above by prior agreement.

When you return a product, please state the order number and invoice number on the package, and enclose a copy of the order confirmation and invoice for the product.

Freight damages must be noted immidiately and on the freight papers upon receival as well as documented on photo (both photos of damaged packaging and damaged products) – otherwise these will not be accepted as damages and new products will be at your own expense, &SHUFL must be notified immediately with proof of damage. Damaged products may not be mounted.



As a consumer, you can demand that we rectify any defect in our products or deliver a new product if the complaint is warranted and the remedy does not cause unreasonable costs to us. We can choose to offer you a replacement, so you get a new product instead of the old one. If we cannot resolve the matter and you do not want to accept a replacement, we will contact you in writing via email to discuss next steps. &SHUFL cannot be held responsible for any additional costs related to exchanges, complaints, or returns.



If you are purchasing our products as a private customer, you have the usual right to return products.
You can, however, NOT return products that have been specially-fitted or specially-ordered, nor can you return products that have been mounted.


(i) No right of cancellation:

When you order a specially-adapted or specially-produced product from us, you must accept, before the order is final, that you have NO right of cancellation. Payment of the invoice is regarded as acceptance of this.


(ii) Right of cancellation

For all other products (which are not specially-adapted or specially-produced), you can cancel your order after it is placed.

You can only cancel orders of complete and unused products. You can invoke your cancellation rights by refusing to receive the product or by handing the product back to the freight carrier or postal carrier.

If you accept the product, you must invoke your cancellation rights a maximum of 14 days after you receive the product.
This means that a minimum of 15 days after you receive the product, you must return it to us. If the last day for return falls on a holiday, a Saturday, the 24 of December or the 31st of December, the deadline will be delayed until the next business day. It is sufficient for a proper return that you have given the product to a freight carrier or Post Danmark by the end of the last day. Make sure to have a fully completed receipt from the carrier.

You can only invoke your right to cancellation if the product is returned in largely the same condition and amount as when you received it. The right of cancellation is nullified if you have used the product.

When you invoke your right of cancellation, you must pay for the freight to return the product yourself. We will refuse products returned with the shipping charges reversed.

Please send returned products to the following address:

Frederiksholms Kanal 4, baghuset
1220 Copenhagen

You are responsible for damages caused by return transport, so make sure that you choose a proper handler for your package and make sure the product is properly packaged.

You are responsible for all damages caused by your actions which are not accidental.

When we have had the opportunity to examine your return product, we will refund your money. The money will be transferred to your bank account if you have given us that information. If you have not, we will contact you to get it. We will do our best to return the money to you within 7 weekdays after we have received the product from you.

If we never receive the product and this is due to conditions at the freight company, we will return your money when you have fully documented that the product was turned over to a qualified freight company before the deadline with the understanding that the product would be delivered to us at the address above.

If we do not believe that the conditions for invoking your right of return have been fulfilled, we will contact you and explain why.

If we cannot accept your right of return, you must come and collect the product yourself. If you do not do so, we will store it for 30 days from the day we have finally issued our refusal to refund your money. After that, the product will be destroyed.



&SHUFL assumes no responsibility for delays, so order in good time.

&SHUFL assumes no responsibility for the loss of products during shipping in connection with sending as part of a complaint.

&SHUFL assumes no responsibility for additional costs related to delays, exchanges, complaints and re-deliveries.



All intellectual property rights, including the right to access and copy content, including text, graphics, design and images on this site belongs to &SHUFL.



When you purchase from us, you can make changes to your order or to your information at any time up until you pay the invoice.

We begin to produce your order only when you have paid the full installment. After you have paid the first installment, the order cannot be changed.

When you place an order, a contract exists only when you have received our invoice and approved it by paying it. The invoice will include a repetition of the contract you have entered into with us, including a reference to these terms and conditions. In our order confirmation or invoice we always inform you of your right to change your mind, and make it clear that you cannot change your mind about specially-made goods you have purchased.

If your order is particularly comprehensive, unusual, or if there are other circumstances that mean we cannot fulfil the contract with you, we will send a receipt for your order that states the following:

“This is to acknowledge that we have received your order. There are special conditions concerning your order which we need to look into. When we have looked into these conditions, we will send you an order confirmation if we can accept your order. If we cannot accept your order, we will send you a message letting you know.”

For products purchased online in our webshop (www.andshufl.com) the following apply:

The transaction is underway as soon as you receive your order confirmation by email.



For all purchases of custom-made products, the following applies:

Your pay by transferring money to our account at Sydbank, Reg.nr: 6824 Account Number 0001017943. IBAN-nr.: DK4868240001017943. SWIFT-kode: SYBKDK22. Make sure to clearly state the invoice number and your name.

Your order will be produced when you have paid the full installment on the invoice.

For products purchased online in our webshop (www.andshufl.com) the following apply:

You pay with your payment card directly in the webshop. You can pay with Dankort, Visa, and MasterCard. We will deduct the money from your account when the item or items are sent.


The data-responsible for your information is &SHUFL ApS, CVR nr. 35 53 23 66.

We only collect information about you via our home page. That means that the only information we have about you is information you have given us yourself. We use this information only to fulfil our agreement with you or to send you information. (You can always unsubscribe from this service.)

We store your information as long as you are doing business with us and up to 5 years after we last have had contact with you.

Your information will not be shared with anyone else outside of &SHUFL.



We reserve the right to refuse to do business with you if you have repeatedly returned products you have purchased, or if we have other significant reasons not to sell to you.



These conditions apply to purchases made after 11 July 2019.