Are you looking for luxurious wardrobe solutions in Danish design?

At &SHUFL, you can get beautiful, high-quality wardrobe cabinets that fit IKEA’s Pax wardrobe system.

With &SHUFL cabinet doors, you get a high-quality IKEA hack wardrobe solution with a completely unique range of colors. We love colors and materials – and we live and breathe to help our customers find the best material and color choices. All colors and materials are specially selected and carefully curated by our design team. You can mix and match the entire palette to create your own personal expression on your wardrobe cabinets.

Choose materials and colors for your IKEA hack wardrobe cabinet from all five of our collections. Read more about the different collections here.

At the same time, we offer personal advice and take pride in helping you achieve the expression you dream of. We take it as a challenge to inspire you to make slightly more unconventional and daring choices in your interior design. Book a design meeting, and you’ll be well on your way with your wardrobe project. Remember that we can also update an existing wardrobe solution – it doesn’t have to be an IKEA hack wardrobe; we can work with most common systems.

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IKEA hack wardrobe

&SHUFL’s cabinet doors fit IKEA’s Pax wardrobe system. So you get &SHUFL’s quality and design on the outside – IKEA’s functionality on the inside! Your wardrobe IKEA hack in Danish craftsmanship quality. Here, you get the many options for interior design with drawers, shelves, and a clothes rail, while also getting a beautiful Danish design. With an IKEA hack wardrobe, you get the best of both worlds. Why buy expensive interior cabinets that are hidden most of the time? IKEA produces an excellent product with a 25-year warranty at a fantastic price. And our custom-made cabinet doors outside IKEA’s interior is quite a clever combination, if we may say so ourselves.

1. Craftsmanship quality produced in Denmark

With &SHUFL cabinet doors, you get a wardrobe solution of craftsmanship quality. We produce all our collections in Denmark using the best materials, so your carpenter wardrobe can last for many years to come.

2. Customize the wardrobe to your needs

&SHUFL’s wardrobe solutions fit IKEA’s cabinet system Pax. &SHUFL’s design on the outside – IKEA’s functionality on the inside! Here, you get many options to optimize space and design your wardrobe system to suit your needs, all while getting the beautiful cabinet doors in Danish craftsmanship quality.

3. Wardrobe solutions for options other than IKEA

We can also assist you if you have a different existing wardrobe solution. It could be that you have an HTH wardrobe at home that you dream of giving a new “coat.” Contact us and schedule an appointment with our designers if you want to learn more and get quotes on wardrobe cabinets.

&SHUFL dit køkken
&SHUFL dit køkken
&SHUFL dit køkken
&SHUFL signatur greb

Price example for a wardrobe

Wardrobe doors for IKEA Pax:

Cabinet doors 3 pieces 9,650 DKK.

Pages and base 9,500 kr.

IKEA Pax cabinet, 1,960 DKK.

Total wardrobe solution 21,110 kr.

All prices are in Danish Kroner (DKK). All prices are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of delivery.

Errors and price changes are subject to change.

See examples of prices for wardrobes.
&SHUFL skabelåger til garderobeskabe pax

Order your new cabinet doors

If you already know which wardrobe you want, we are happy to provide a quick quote for you to see the cost.
Send us an email at with information about the materials, colors, and dimensions you want.

You can also start by searching for more inspiration for your new wardrobe. Visit our showroom where you can see all our colors and materials and have a chat with our designers.

Or see more pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

New exterior - keep the interior

Get new kitchen cabinet doors in carpenter quality - built on your old kitchen. We have introduced &SHUFL keepⓇ for those who wish to recycle to the greatest extent possible. For kitchens where only the cabinet doors or perhaps the countertop are worn out. We help you update the exterior with beautiful kitchen fronts and countertops produced in the best carpenter quality in Denmark.

We produce for a range of kitchen systems - including the old Ikea Faktum, among others.

Ikea hack kitchen

Create a unique kitchen by combining our exclusive fronts, handles, wooden drawers, and countertops with Ikea's interior in the form of kitchen units. With &SHUFL's kitchen solutions, you get an Ikea-hacked kitchen of the highest carpenter quality – produced for you at Danish carpentries.

Let us help you create the perfect kitchen that is tailored to your needs and style.

The full carpentry kitchen

Get the full &SHUFL experience for your new kitchen. Our brand new range of Danish-made cabinets now makes it possible to get the entire solution including wooden drawers and cabinets in the full carpenter quality from &SHUFL. With the tailored design options, we can meet all your needs and create beautiful and functional spaces.

Experience the complete carpentry solution with &SHUFL and make your home truly unique.

Come in and see all our collections in our showroom

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