Designed by us. Produced in Denmark.

Shufled by you.

  &SHUFL is Danish carpentry craftsmanship tailored to IKEA interior design.We know that renovating your kitchen can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Even if you’re the project manager, we’ll help you get started, and we’ll be there to back you up when you need it. The first step is to contact us, and you’ll be on your way.



NEW! Made from 90% recycled wood.

kokken fronter laminat


Stands up to everyday use, and available in many colours.

koekken trae fronter egetrae


Creates life and warmth in your kitchen.

&SHUFL koekken hack fronter koekkenlaager


A natural product that feels warm, soft, and exclusive.

&SHUFL koekken fronter hack


A collection with a unique selection of colours.

koekken fronter sorte og graa &SHUFL


A raw and honest collection.

Handmade by Danish carpenters.

  At &SHUFL everything you see on the outside is handmade by Danish carpenters. The fine traditions of Danish craftsmanship and the close co-operation between our designers and carpenters ensures a high-quality product and keeps jobs in areas of Denmark where not many are found.

When we develop our designs, we start with a single, simple model and a conscious use of quality materials.

No matter which material you choose, all doors and fronts have cores and edges of massive medium-density fibreboard (MDF), which are treated so that the edge has a smooth surface. And they also have &SHUF’Ls signature: the iconic handle.

The integrated handle is comfortable to grab on to, even when you’re opening heavy refrigerator and freezer doors. And the simple design means that all of our materials and colours can be mixed just as you please. That’s what we call “to shufle”.