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Which IKEA kitchen do I have?

If you have just purchased a kitchen from IKEA, you have a Metod kitchen. IKEA introduced their new kitchen system Metod in the spring of 2013. If your kitchen is older, it is a Faktum kitchen.

If you’re not sure which kitchen you have, you can tell by the holes inside the cabinet or at the height of the floorboard. Faktum cabinets have one row of holes along the edge, while Metod cabinets have two rows. In addition, the floorboard on Faktum is 16 cm high, while the floorboard on Metod is 8 cm high.


The measurements of our products are cut to fit IKEA kitchen systems. We cannot guarantee that they will fit other kitchen systems.

But if you have an older kitchen, or a different brand of kitchen, you can get &SHUFL designs with special measurements. Contact us to find out more.

All the &SHUFL collections are designed and produced in Denmark. The cutlery inserts are designed by &SHUFL, and both the inserts and the wooden drawers are produced in Europe and made from European wood.

Our product codes contain a lot of information about the product. A product code usually looks like this: ME.VS.60×40.G1.BL

If you know how to read the code, you can double-check to make sure you have the right product.

The first part of the abbreviation tells you which IKEA kitchen system has been chosen. ME means Metod (IKEA’s new kitchen system, on sale since 2013), while FA stands for Faktum (IKEA’s old kitchen system).

The next part of the abbreviation – in this case VS – tells you which component has been chosen:

VS: Wall cabinet

US: Base cabinet

HS: Tall cabinet

SF: Drawer front

BO: Countertop

PY: Edge trim

SO: Floorboard

SB: Side panel

Looking at the last part of the product code, you can see where the handle on a drawer front or cabinet door has been placed. If it says, for example, ME.VS.60×40.G1.BL that means that the handle has been placed Bottom Left (BL).

The other abbreviations are:

TL (top left)

TC (top centre)

TR (top right)

BC (bottom centre)

BR (bottom right)

You are welcome to stop by our showroom in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark.

All we ask is that you get in touch and make an appointment first. Contact us here. 


Our designer is architect Kristoffer Brems, who is also a co-founder of &SHUFL.

&SHUFL’s color and material collections have been developed so many of the colors and materials can be used together.

If you’re in doubt about a combination, you are welcome to email us or call us. Contact us here .


We deliver via a freight shipping service. When you place your order, we’ll let you know the week we will deliver. We produce and ship within 5-8 weeks, and our delivery service will contact you in advance so they can make sure that someone is at home to receive the products.

No, you can’t pick up the products yourself. We will deliver to the address you give us with the help of a freight delivery service.

If you have very few products, such as leftover materials, you can pick them up in our showroom by appointment, but freight costs will still apply.

When you place your order, you’ll find out how much the delivery will cost. It depends on the size of the order and the address to which you will be shipping the product.

Our delivery time is typically 5-8 weeks. It can, however, be longer during vacation season and around the holidays.


In order to minimize expenses and sell goods to you at a lower price, we have no physical shop. But you are welcome to visit our showroom in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark. All we ask is that you get in touch first and make an appointment. Contact us here

You are welcome to stop by our showroom in downtown Copenhagen.

We ask that you make an appointment first. Contact us here.

Terms and Conditions

Since we will be producing products specifically for you, you cannot return them. We suggest you carefully look through your order an extra time to make sure that you are ordering the correct products.

If our products are damaged while they are being shipped to you, we will of course replace them with a new, undamaged version.

Our terms and conditions are available further down on this page.


If there is enough extra material, you can cut up your leftovers from side panels and countertops and use them as shelves. Remember to use a track saw (plunge saw) when you cut, so you get a nice edge.

About hinges

We don’t sell or deliver hinges. Remember to order them when you buy your Metod kitchen at IKEA.

A right-hanging door means that the hinges sit on the right side of the cabinet when you stand facing the cabinet.

Other questions

In addition to countertops in stone, wood, and steel, which are produced for us by skilful countertop specialists, we sell only two products: Quooker, a faucet that produces boiling water, and a specific sink from Reginox that fits very nicely in our own countertops. Contact us to hear more. Contact us to hear more. The above is however not applicable outside of Denmark.

No, we have decided to focus all of our energy on designing and creating beautiful kitchens. When it comes to appliances, we recommend that you contact someone who focuses on that.