Raw and honest – a kitchen that cuts right down to the bone

&SHUFL’s Raw collection is made from raw Valchromat. It’s an honest material that explores new avenues in kitchen design. You might not know it, but our other &SHUFL products have a core of MDF covered with a different substance on the front and back. With the Raw collection, we expose that core. Valchromat is an innovative product that pairs the natural features of wood with the brightness of color, and we protect it with bio-oil to make it extra-resistant to water and dirt. In addition, Valchromat is a very hard material, making it tough against scratches and nicks. And it is beautiful, with an almost concrete-like structure and natural variation in the material.

&SHUFL’s iconic integrated handle is available with a brass, black, or stainless-steel backplate – a small, subtle detail that gives the kitchen a look that’s even more exclusive.

Materials – raw



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Ikea hacks and more

Our standard products at &SHFUL are produced to fit IKEA’s kitchen formats – both the current system, Metod, and the older system Faktum, which was sold until the beginning of 2014. But we can also customize our products for other kitchen brands, so that you can purchase beautiful cabinet fronts in cabinet-maker quality that will fit your existing kitchen. In addition to our standard range of products, we produce cabinet fronts, doors, sides, floorboards, and countertops that are made to order so you can get custom-made solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, or wardrobe. If you’d like to know the price of a format you don’t see in this list, please contact us.


Kitchen in raw light grey.
A small bench in the kitchen.
Fridge, niche and shelves in raw light grey.

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