Three types of wood, endless possibilities

&SHUFLs wood collection consists of three types of wood: elm, oak and fumed oak.

You can use one type of wood throughout the kitchen, or mix and match the various types – or combine them with &SHUFLs other collections. No matter what you choose, the results will be personal and unique.

All the products in the collection have wood veneer on the front and back side, a massive core of black MDF, and matte black edges. And like all of our other &SHUFL products, the collection is hand-made by cabinetmakers in Denmark.

The types of wood have been carefully chosen to secure the best possible quality and the most beautiful appearance. The result is a product with strong roots in Danish design that feels as exclusive as it looks.






Keep in mind that the colours on your screen may be different from the actual colours.


As a standard, &SHUFL produces all of the formats that are part of the Metod system (IKEA’s current kitchen system) and Faktum (IKEA’s previous system).In addition to the standard range, we produce fronts, doors, sides, floorboards, and countertops to measure, so you can get specially-drawn solutions for your kitchen. Sides and countertops can be specially-produced without an additional charge. For fronts and doors that are produced to special measurements we add an additional charge of 10%. If you would like prices on formats you can’t find on this list, you are welcome to contact us.

The price list for IKEA’s older kitchen system Faktum can be found here: See price list Faktum click here.


Kitchen fronts in elm with worktop and sides in charcoal linoleum. Notice the small shelves – perfect for trays and cutting boards.
A small kitchen can still have a lot of soul. Base cabinets in charcoal linoleum with extra tall wall cabinets in elm for max usage of space.
The combination of elm and linoleum makes the kitchen look different from different angles. By shuffling the materials, you can create an entirely unique kitchen.

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